Evolutionary Psychology

Dr. Mills
Evolutionary Psychology class, Fall, 2001


Panel Presentations:


Panel presentations for the first midterm:

Summary of Boyd and Silk of How Humans Evolved,  Chapters 11 and 12 (The Lives of Early Hominids), by Rachel Stern and James Sweeney (Fall, 01).  Powerpoint Presentation.

Summary of Coney & Mackey (1998), Cultural Evolution and Gender Roles. by Andrea Velasquez & Lara Perry (Fall, 2001).  Powerpoint Presentation.

Summary of Meredith (1992), The Evolution of Female Sexuality and Mate Selection in Humans.  from the journal Human Nature.  by Martha Gomez & Monica Saydak (Fall 2001).  Powerpoint Presentation.

Summary of Cosmides & Tooby (2000) Evolutionary Psychology and the Emotions. from Handbook of Emotions. by Kimberly Fritzer and Monica Saydak (Fall, 2001). Powerpoint Presentation.


 Panel presentations for the second midterm:

Summary of Byrne (1995) The thinking ape;  Evolutionary Origins of Intelligence    by James Sweeney, Martha Gomez, Mayra Lavadenz (Fall, 2001). Powerpoint Presentation.

Summary of Campbell Staying Alive: Evolution, Culture and Women's Intrasexual Aggression.  By Darcey Geddes and Monica Saydak (Fall 2001).  Powerpoint Presentation.

Summary of Sarah Blaffer Hrdy's An Infant's Eye View by James Sweeney & Darcy Geddes (Fall 2001).  Powerpoint presentation.

Panel presentations for the final exam:

Summary of Hrdy, Sarah Blaffer (1999).  Mother nature:  a history of mothers, infants, and natural selection.  Summary by Mayra Lavadenz, Martha Gomez, Rachel Stern, James Sweeny (Fall 2001).  Powerpoint presentation.

Summary of Wenegrat, Brant, Lisa Abrams, Eleanor Castillo-Yee, and I. Jo Romine (1996).  Social Norm Compliance as a Signaling System.  I. Studies of Fitness-Related Attributions Consequent on Everyday Norm Violations.  Ethology and Sociobiology 17, 403-416.  Summary by Darcy Geddes, Martha Gomez, Rachel Stern  (Fall 2001).  Powerpoint presentation.

Summary of Flinn (1996) Culture and the Evolution of Social Learning.  Summary by Andrea Velasquez, Lara Perry, Alex .... (Fall2001).  Powerpoint presentation.