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Psychology 442
Psychological Assessment

Dr. Mills

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Vocational / Career:


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Projective Tests:


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Test Construction, Development and Revision:

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Course description:

TITLE: Introduction to Testing


  1. Pre-requisite(s): PSYC 241

  2. Course Description:

    1. Objectives:

      To familiarize students with concepts of testing, including testing statistics, administration procedures, test validation, as well as present an overview of current psychological tests.

    2. Content:

      This course offers an examination of psychological assessment, including principles of assessment interviewing, test selection, evaluation and report writing, as well test construction and standardization. Ability, interest, personality, vocational, marital and clinical tests will be examined.

  3. Text(s) and/or required readings:

    McIntire, S.A. & Miller, L.A. (2000) Foundations of Psychological Testing.  Boston: McGraw Hill. (required)

    McIntire, S.A. & Miller, L.A. (200) Student Study Guide to Accompany  Foundations of Psychological Testing.  Boston: McGraw Hill. (optional)

  4. Course format:

    Lecture, discussion, demonstrations, films/videos.

  5. Course Work:

    Two midterms and a final examination. Also, students will self-administer several psychological tests, and complete a project related to psychological testing.

  6. Suitability as elective for non-major:

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