Do psychological tests discriminate

against certain groups?


CON: No, they don’t discriminate.

 D. Leintz, K. Heeg, M. Engle

Main points:


·      The SAT is designed only to measure formal knowledge and the ability to reason.


·   SAT scores are only compared to other SAT scores and not other “similar” tests.


·   The courts have ruled that tests that leave the test taker disadvantaged are legal if the element that creates that disadvantage is central to the job sought.


·   Various forms of the test are available to give test takers an equal opportunity to perform well.


·    Minority scores are increasing and so the gap between Caucasian scores and Minority scores is narrowing.





        Psychological tests are only discriminatory when they are used as if they are valid predictors for all groups when, in fact, they are only valid predictors for one or some groups.  Most psychological tests used for educational and employment purposes in the United States are in fact equal predictors for those who take them.  So are psychological tests discriminatory?  For the most part, no.  There may exceptions but they are the exception – not the rule.