Career Assessment Inventory,

Second Edition (Vocational Version)


Elizabeth Rangel    Summer Rogers     Donald Leintz


Intro to Psychological Testing

Wednesday, April 26, 2000



Purpose:         Vocational Assessment Tool


Subjects:         High School Sophomore to Adult


Designed to be used by counselors and other educators who work with non-college bound students or adults seeking immediate career entry.



Date:               1984


Structure:       305 items


                                    151 items (50%)           à action items

                                    43 items   (14%)           à related to school subjects

                                    111 items (36%)           à associated with job titles


Reponses such as:  


Scores, 125:    2 Administrative Indices 


                        (Total Responses, Response Patterning)



                        4 Non-occupational



To present a meaningful overall orientation to work without explicit gender labels.



Well understood and is likely to be useful based on its relationship to occupational groups.





                        6 General Themes



22 Basic Interest Area Scales


·        Mechanical / Fixing

·        Electronics

·        Carpentry

·        Manual / Skilled Trades

·        Agriculture

·        Nature / Outdoors

·        Animal Service

·        Science

·        Numbers

·        Writing

·        Performing / Entertaining

·        Arts / Crafts

·        Social Service

·        Teaching

·        Childcare

·        Medical Service

·        Religious Activities

·        Business

·        Sales

·        Office Practices

·        Clerical \ Clerking

·        Food Service



91 Occupational Scales


            Aircraft / Auto Mechanic                                  Bus Driver

            Camera Repair Technician                                Carpenter

            Conservation Officer                                         Dental Laboratory Technician

            Drafter                                                             Electrician

            Emergency Medical Technician             Farmer / Rancher

            Firefighter                                                         Forest Ranger

            Hardware Store Manager                                 Janitor

            Machinist                                                          Mail Carrier

            Musical Instrument Repair                                 Navy Enlisted

            Orthodontist / Prosthetist                                  Painter

            Park Ranger                                                     Pipefitter / Plumber

            Police Officer                                                   Printer

            Radio / T.V. Repair                                          Tool Maker

            Truck Driver                                                     Veterinary Technician

            Chiropractor                                                     Computer Programmer

            Dental Hygienist                                                Electronic Technician

            Math – Science Teacher                                   Medical Laboratory Assistant

            Radiological Technician                         Respiratory Therapeutic Technician

            Surveyor                                                          Advertising Artist / Writer

            Advertising Executive                                        Author / Writer

            Counselor – Chemical Dependency                   Interior Designer

            Legal Assistant                                     Librarian

            Musician                                                           Newspaper Reporter

            Photographer                                                    Piano Technician

            Athletic Trainer                                     Childcare Assistant

            Cosmetologist                                                   Elementary School Teacher

            Licensed Practical Nurse                                  Nurse Aid

            Occupational Therapist Assistant                       Operating Room Technician

            Physical Therapist Technician                Registered Nurse

            Barber / Hairstylist                                            Buyer / Merchandiser                          

            Card / Gift Shop Manager                                Caterer

            Florist                                                               Food Service Manager

Hotel / Motel Manager                         Insurance Agent

Manufacturing Representative               Personnel Manager

Private Investigator                                           Purchasing Agent

Real Estate Agent                                             Reservation Agent                                            Restaurant Manager                                                Travel Agent

Accountant                                                       Bank Teller

Bookkeeper                                                     Cafeteria Worker        

Court Reporter                                     Data Entry Operator

Dental Assistant                                                Executive Housekeeper

Medical Assistant                                             Pharmacy Technician

Secretary                                                          Teacher Aide

Waiter / Waitress



Administration:          GROUP


Price Data:                 $4.15 per profile Report


                                    $8.25 per narrative report


                                    $14 per test manual (152) pages


Languages:                 Spanish & French Available


Time:                          30 – 40 minutes


Author:                       Charles B. Johansson


Publisher:                   National Computer Systems, Inc.


Review:                      Comprehensive interest assessment system designed specifically for persons seeking occupations not largely dependent on 4 years of college education.


                                    Reliability and Validity data presented are extensive and supportive of CAI applications.


                                    The CAI has been developed primarily as a tool for persons generally not focused on a particular occupational category.


                                    The manual is “comprehensive, yet focused.”


                                    The organizational format of the VAI-VV and the scoring profiles for both the test taker and counselor are attractive and appealing.


                                                “Blue collar version” of the Strong Interest Inventory.  Useful because a large percentage (80%) of the work force is characteristically employed in technical. Vocational, or other nonprofessional types of employment. 


                                    The inventory is designed to be:


a)      applicable for careers requiring no postsecondary training or those requiring training form, in general, a vocational-technical level through 4 years of postsecondary college;

b)      be applicable for lower reading levels

c)      provide a reporting format that is easy to understand






Kramer, J. & Conoley, J (1990)  The Supplement to the tenth Mental Measurements Yearbook.

The University of Nebraska Press.